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About us

Agnisumukh an award winning startup entity in the area of Clean Green Energy efficient heat applications on gas fuel systems.

Carbon soot, extreme heat, water efficiency, fuel efficiency are the critical problems in every commercial kitchen and Agnisumukh addresses these challenges. Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen gas appliances from cooking ranges to steam boilers where gas saving is beyond 30%. The devices are 50% more thermally efficient than any conventional burner in the market The technology primarily involves converting blue flame into radiant heat, akin to charcoal heat, without generating any carbon soot

Our Team

Tirumala RekhaCMD

SS Hari Rao R&D, Production

Samson John Consultant

Supriya Chellappan Marketing

Sandeep Jain Finance

Pooja Amuri Marketing

Ashwin Prasad Marketing

Anupama Mohan HR

Pramod Deshpande Operations

Our Vision

To provide Clean & Green Energy Efficient Heating Solutions, across all gas based fuels.

Our Mission

Our prime focus is to provide round the clock quality service to every client. Continuous innovation through dedicated R&D is our assurance.

Agnisumukh Employment goals are focused to ensure inclusive growth to the most deprived section who are off the grid.

Our other priorities are :

  • Safer and cleaner environment
  • To be the First Indian Commercial Kitchen company to be Globally recognized
  • Expanding the platform beyond cooking to other heat applications
Transforming Kitchen Environment
  • Over 30% LPG Saving

  • Highest thermal efficiency at 69%

  • Lower ambient heat in the kitchen

  • Faster, Tastier & healthier Cooking

  • Low gas pressure makes it safer

  • No Emission of carbon soot

  • No maintenance for burner & exhaust

  • Saves over 50% water & detergent

Gold Medal Winner

India Innovative Growth Program 2015. Department of Science & Technology, India & Lockheed Martin Corp USA

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National Winners

MSME GEF UNIDO Global Cleantec Innovation Program 2015

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DICCI Entrepreneurship Award


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Vision Statement

The vision of Agnisumukh is to bring back the finger licking taste of grandmas cooking while providing this path breaking technology at affordable prices to the common man.