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Our concept is cooking through uniform heat without burning while retaining the moisture of the food ensuring tastier and healthier food. Our innovation works on convection cum radiant heat which has far infrared rays, capable of penetrating the tiniest water molecules and passing heat through them. Our innovation supports cooking on all gas based fuels.

Knowing our innovation

As a natural property flame and heat have a tendency to accumulate at the center. We have innovated a mechanism in gas burners that regulates this natural tendency and spreads the flame evenly as a thin layer. This thin layer produces flameless, smokeless, noiseless radiant heat(akin to charcoal form of heat) with veryhigh thermal efficiency.Food is evenly cooked on this thin sheet of radiant heat without burning, renders moisture retention in every molecule. This process makes food healthy and tasty.

our product features

Our clean and green, energy efficient appliances work on all forms of gases. Agnisumukh devices have following benefits: -

  • Saves gas beyond 30%
  • It is flameless, smokeless, noiseless, odorless radiant heat device.
  • More safer as it operates under lesser gas pressure
  • No emission of carbon soot
  • Saving of water and detergent as vessel do not get blackened
  • Reduced power need for exhaust
  • Lesser ambient heat in kitchen
  • Faster and even cooking
  • Possible to handle multiple stove
  • Amenable to be fitted with a flame failure device which can automatically switch off when flame goes off
  • Amenable to be fitted with a gas sensor which can alert a user by sending sms and a call
  • Works on Bio Gas with different purity levels and overcome the strong odor of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).
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